Outguess Rebirth software offers the possibility of hiding data in image files through steganography on Windows systems, in order to transmit embedded data to a correspondent (for example by email).
Image Steganography consists in embedding data into an image file without affecting neither its quality nor its content.
In order to guarantee a minimum of security, the steganography engine works with a symetric secret key, equivalent to a password. This key will have to be exchanged and known only by the correspondents willing to communicate and it shall not be supplied to a third party.
The steganography engine of the software Outguess Rebirth is based on the Outguess algorithm, developed by Niels Provos. Outguess Rebirth is compatible only with JPEG format images (sequential and progressive).

There were several issues/aspects that had to be corrected or improved:

  • First of all, it was on Linux only, so I've adapted it to Windows.

  • It wasn't really user-friendly: command-line tool might had to be used a lot on Linux, it's not the same on Windows so the other big improvement was the addition of a GUI.

  • I've added a compression algorithm to the process, in order to be able to insert more data in the image files.

  • When you used Outguess algorithm to hide a file, the knowledge of its name and its type were lost. Those informations are now saved in the process.

  • And few little bugs, one noticeable being an error output when using a support image file too a big support image file.

    Let me know if you find any more issues.
    Have fun !!!

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